Teeth Whitening Benefits

  • Quick
One treatment will need only 30 minutes. Although one treatment shows obvious signs of effects, results are better and more sustainable if treatment is doing one a month. (Receiving treatment 1-2 times a week is preferred at first)
  • Affordable
A very reasonable price compare to other teeth whitening treatment but allows you to receive effective and significant results.
  • Safe and Secure
The teeth whitening solution used in the treatment is formulated by inorganic compounds commonly used in food and cosmetics additives, which is safe to consume. The LED light uses a safe wavelength which causes no harm to human being.
  • Natural Whiteness
There is not a fixed number of times treatment is required. You can arrange the frequency of treatment depending on your desired whiteness.


  • 快速
一次治疗只需要30分钟。虽然一次的护理已经可以看出明显的效果,但如果每个月进行护理一次,效果会维持得更好,而且更有持续性。 (首先每周接受治疗1-2次)
  • 实惠
  • 安全又可靠
护理中使用的牙齿美白凝胶由食品和化妆品添加剂中常用的无机化合物配制而成,可安全食用。 LED灯使用安全的波长,不会对人体造成伤害。
  • 自然白度



Enamel is the surface of our teeth, it protect our teeth, if enamel is thin, we will feel pain and sensitive


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