Frequently Asked Questions
About Teeth Whitening

Q1: What is Akarui?
​Akarui is teeth whitening solution from Japan. It generally takes 30 minutes per treatment to make your teeth brighter.

Q2: How long does Akarui treatment take?
It generally takes 30 minutes per treatment to make your teeth brighter.

Q3: What technology is used for Akarui treatment?
We use the LED light that works alongside our formulated whitening gel. It acts as a catalyst to speed up the reactions when used with our whitening gel.

Q4: How long does it take to see results from Akarui treatment?
Immediately after treatment.

Q5: Is Akarui treatment suitable for everyone?
Yes. Akarui treatment is suitable for everyone. It can be used even on decayed and artificial teeth.

Q6: How often should I do Akarui treatment?
Teeth whitening protocols greatly vary from person to person based on their starting tooth colour and diet. For teeth whitening treatment, once that shade is reached, you are in the maintenance stage of whitening, and that is where it becomes very individualized based on your desired whiteness, diet and home care. Some people only need touch-ups once every few months, while others will need to do them every few weeks to maintain their smile. People who drink a lot of stain-causing beverages in general may need to whiten more frequently than others. 

Q7: How can I keep my teeth white after Akarui treatment?
  • Rinse immediately after consuming stain-causing beverages or food.
  • Follow good hygiene practices. Brush your teeth at least twice daily and floss at least once daily to remove plaque.
  • Touch-up treatments. You may need a touch-up every month. If you smoke or drink lots of stain-causing beverages, you may need a touch up more often. 

Q8: How long does the result of Akarui treatment last?
It can last from a few weeks to up to few months, it varies from person to person. The effect is less likely to last as long as if you smoke, or eat or drink products that can stain your teeth.

Q9: What is the additional benefit of the treatment?
Besides getting whiter teeth, our treatment helps to prevent bad breath.

Q10: Akarui treatment vs Dentist teeth whitening?

Akarui treatment is a do-it-yourself alternative to traditional teeth whitening treatment at the dentist office. The cost for Akarui treatment is typically less expensive compared to that of traditional treatment dentists provide.

Normally, dentists use higher-concentration bleaching gels, and their certain whitening treatments incorporate a high-intensity light to help activate the bleaching process.
The treatment performed by dentists is limited to patients with healthy teeth and gums. If you have any underlying conditions such as tooth decay or gum disease, the concentrated bleaching gel could cause you significant pain.

However, Akarui is a treatment without restrictions. It is suitable even for people with sensitive teeth and gums.

Q11: How is the results? Do you have customer's before and after photos just for reference?


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