Common Questions Q&A

1.How long is the treatment?
It takes around 30 minutes.

2.How long is the whiteness can last?
You can see the result immediately after first treatment. It depends on individual lifestyle, if you consume coffee, tea, curry, red wine regularly or smoking, teeth will slowly become yellowish again. However, after the treatment your teeth surface will form a smooth layer and the stain will not attach to your teeth easily.

3. How long I need to come back to do the treatment again after first treatment?
We recommend you to do the treatment once a month to maintain the whiteness of your teeth.

4. Is my gum will pain after the treatment?
No, you will feel like normal after the treatment. You can even consume cold drink it will not affect your gum because we are not bleaching treatment.

5. The whitening gel need to apply how many layer?
Just apply single thin layer and well distributing to the top and bottom of your teeth.

6. How to achieve a better result?
Wipe off all your saliva before applying the whitening gel and adjust the lamp as close as possible to your teeth during the irradiation.

7. Why I need to brush my teeth?
To achieve a better result with our best selling whitening toothpaste.

8. How to maintain after treatment?
Try to avoid tea, coffee, curry or smoking. You may also purchase our whitening toothpaste to maintain the whiteness of your teeth.

9. Can my teeth colour jump to colour no. S2 after single treatment?
No, because we are not bleaching type teeth whitening, your teeth colour will increase progressively. We restore your teeth whiteness to the original whiteness after repeated treatment.

10. Is the treatment safe?
Yes, it is 100% safe as we are using the products imported from Japan and the LED lamp ray length is not more than 495nm, it will not emit ultraviolet even pregnant lady can do the treatment.

11. Is the treatment expansive?
It is more economical compare to the dental whitening with bleaching.

12. Can I still do the treatment if I have decay or false tooth?
Yes, it works on decay and false tooth.

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