Whitening Gel

Hydrogen peroxide is the common medicine that most dental clinic used for teeth whitening treatment. Most people will feel unusual pain or discomfort with hydrogen peroxide, people might not want to experience the second time after the first treatment.
Titanium oxide is the common medicine that used in the self-whitening treatment, it react with LED light by Photocatalyst process to whiten the teeth.
After many studies, research and development, we developed a whitening gel that contains "tungsten oxide", an ingredient that reacts with light more than usual titanium oxide.
With the "Whitening Gel" that contains tungsten oxide and the most advanced LED machines that do not emit UV light, the treatment of teeth whitening is more effective by removing the stain that attached to the surface of the tooth so to achieve brighter and cleaner white teeth.
In addition, tungsten oxide is also works on the thin enamel tooth.
About persistency, each people teeth and dietary lifestyle is different (cigarettes, red wine, curry, etc.) Hence, it cannot be generalized.
Other Ingredients:
Tungsten Oxide, Titanium Oxide, Hydroxyapatite (One of the main components of tooth enamel) …etc

Tungsten oxide has the natural peeling effect that remove the dirt on the surface of the tooth naturally, it can also reduce the bad breath. Tungsten oxide react more with LED light, hence the whitening result is more effectively. Bacteria can be cleanse as well with hydroxyapatite. (Once the bacteria contact with LED light and oxygen in the air, it will disappear instantly). Hydroxyapatite has the effect of repairing in micrometre, it can prevent tartar and stains from sticking back onto the surface of tooth.

※ It is non-fluoride. Hence, the whitening effect is also works on artificial implants / decayed tooth.
※ The whitening gel is 100% manufactured and imported from JAPAN.








氧化钨具有天然的去皮效果,可以自然去除牙齿表面的污垢,还可以减少口臭。氧化钨与LED灯反应更强,因此美白效果更加有效。细菌也可以用羟基磷灰石清洗。 (一旦细菌接触到LED灯和空气中的氧气,它会立即消失)。羟基磷灰石具有微米修复的作用,可防止牙垢和牙垢粘在牙齿表面。


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