Photocatalyst Leads to:

Decomposition of stains > Antibacterial > Removal of bad breath > Formation of a protective later on tooth surface

How it works to achieve your teeth’s whiteness?

  1. Various consumption habits, such as eating, drinking or smoking, results in staining or pigment being attached to the surface of your teeth.
  2. Through the use of a blue LED light on the Titanium Oxide containing solution, photocatalyst enables the decomposition of stains from the surface of your teeth.
  3. Brushing your teeth after treatment removes the pigment or stains which are broken down. Titanium Oxide can then form a protective layer around your teeth to prevent colour stains from being easily attached in the future.
  4. Titanium Oxide and blue LED light produces a photocatalyst reaction which causes decomposition of stains. Titanium Oxide can smooth out uneven tooth surfaces caused by pigment stains, in order to prevent stains from being attached again in the future.

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